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I know there is a bracket order option in ThinkorSwim but I am looking to see if there is a way we can create an indicator (study or strategy) right after we 'Buy', which would enable us to plot our:

StopLoss (defined value in % or in $),
a Target Price (defined value in % or in $),

For ex:
Buy= 100
Stop Loss (10%) = 90
Target Price(20%) = 120

So this is a regular bracket order we have. But can we move this up when the Target hits. which means when the Target hits we dont sell but we say the 'new Buy' is The Target which in this case is 120. So Now we moved everything up along with Target, Stop Loss so the new values are:

Buy= 120
Stop Loss (10%) = 108
Target Price(20%) = 144

So 'Sell' happens only when we hit the Stop Loss.

We also adjust the Stop Loss up as well if incase the Price falls down below the Buy Price. So if the price falls below than the Buy Price we will decrease it to a New Stop Loss (defined value in %or in $). Assuming the price is falling below the Buy Price then:

Buy= 120
Stop Loss (10%) = 108
Target Price(20%) = 144
Current Price = 119

Then we decrease the original stop loss from 10% to 5%, so in the above case 2% of 120 = 2.4, So 120-2.4 = 117.6 which is the new adjusted Stop loss.
So finally we hit the New Stop Loss = 117.6 and 'Sell'

I am looking for a Moving Bracket Order like this indicator. Can anyone shed some light on this? I hope i explained it well.

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