Monitoring between bars


New member
I'm new to ThinkScript, although i have been programming in many other languages for decades. I have some questions as follows:
1. It appears that a strategy will only run at the start or end of a bar, where the bar timeframe is whatever chart you apply the strategy to. In other words, if I apply a strategy to a 5 minute chart of (say) AAPL, then the code in my strategy will only run every 5 minutes, sometime between the endof one bar and the start of another. Am I correct in this?
2. Suppose I have a strategy where, at the end of a bar, I want to submit an order. Suppose also that at some point while the next bar is running, I want to check the price action to make sure this setup is still valid. If the price action in this current bar (sometime between start and end of bar, ie realtime) tells me that the setup is no longer valid, I want to cancel the order. Is there any way to do this intrabar checking?

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