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Max Loss Script for Vertical Spreads


New member
Guys is there a way I can program a script that can show me what my max loss will be in an option spread. For example

+1 XYZ 200P $1.50
-1 XYZ 205P $2.50

This is a vertical credit spread in options for XYZ, I earn a total of $1.00 of credit ($2.50 - $1.50) and my max loss will be the difference between the strikes plus the credit so in this case (205-200 + 1.00cr = $4.00), thats a max loss of $4.00 per share and that means total of $400 since a contract is 100 shares.

Is there a way that I can create a script so that this max loss value can be calculated and displayed on the monitor position statements tab. I need help with the script and dont know where to start

Thank you guys

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