Looking for a different type of Fib Extensions study



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We already have a Fibonacci Extensions study here on the site which works great but i am looking for a different approach to this study. What i am looking for is basically labels on the chart for each of the extension levels based on the previous day high & low. So first label could say "23,6 = 92,68" and second one "38,2 = 94,03" and so forth from my example pic below. The reason i look for this is because i really don`t like the shrinked look when i select fit studies under price axis settings in order to show all the levels on the chart.

And i would prefer if there was an option in the settings to select if the high & low should be calculated using regular hours or extended hours included. But regular hours are the most important.

Can be useful when trading after-hours or finding levels of interest the next day.


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