Linda Raschke and Damon Pavlatos


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Just wanted to let traders know that Linda and Damon are offering a 3 wk trade room for $150. while they iron out some kinks for their real room they are setting up. This is not a teaching workshop. Both Linda (tick and candle) and Damon (MP and fat candles) do show their styles, what they are looking for and why/when they are getting into a trade. Not for new traders. It was so cheap I just had to share. That Christmas money to good use. This is an opportunity. They mostly trade Futures and some stocks. If you do not trade futures, such as me, you can just as easily trade their ETF equivalents. That's what I do. If you go here, scroll ALL the way to the BOTTOM for the offer. Hope this is okay @BenTen If not delete.


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We usually do not allow advertisement or promotion of any kind on our site, however, I know your intention isn't to make affiliate $$ from their program, so I'm going to leave this as is.

Warning: I've never taken any courses or joined any chatroom provided by Linda Raschke and Damon Pavlatos. If you choose to sign up, you do so at your own risk.


Who are they and why should we care? What is their win/loss ratio? Do they have their results both wins and losses posted somewhere?


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Linda is a old floor trader and has a couple very good books, she would be well worth the cost. Her books even though dated now, have some of the best action plans ( real world trade ideas)
now above is the positive stuff, below will be the negative
Most of these work shop are just a big sales pitch for some extended service so the real value may not come out in a $150 work shop.


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@inthefutures This is not a workshop, the workshop has finished. It was over 5 weeks and was pretty damn remarkable. I have been watching her since I started. I had looked at all my other options and always came back to her. She does not BS around the things she teaches. It was $1500. That's an opportunity right there. She is very enthusiastic in her teaching and has some amazing insights on the market as does Damon with his profile work. They didn't try to sell anything the entire time and had a bunch of noontime friends who spoke, who also didn't try to sell anything, except one. The reason why it was so cheap is that she IS opening a room with Damon and they needed to iron out some kinks. Happy to be a lab rat at that price for that duration. Absolutely zip wrong with the systems they used in terms of format. The $150 was for a beta trial to redo some things that people in the workshop suggested. I can't think of a better team to have gone with during this time. For me at least. I need hand-holding and a small group. I need steps, in order. Just the way it is. They certainly are charging more for the room, rightly so.
With that said, I do understand where you are coming from, but of course, you can't sign up with any of the industry professionals without puttin' up.:)


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@hashy, yes I am still in there. I love it. I am just now starting to get into Futures micros because of them. Linda comes on in the morning and does her market prep with everyone then Damon comes on and shows his MP and goes over those. Then we all trade together. Linda is more discretionary and Damon is a fantastic scalper. You do have to manage your own trades once in them and of course based on your risk tolerance, whether or not you want to join a trade. Linda likes metals, commodities, options, currencies, and of course her favorite ES. Damon likes only ES and CL. The room has interesting people in it, both major professionals and amateurs. I just traded, oil and metal ETFs, SPY, the Qs, and my favorite stocks. NOW I want in Futures. Every Tues, Thursday the Discord room has an hour to hour and a half lesson, from some of her more professional traders and one intermediate. They show us how to apply her setups. Wednesday evening Linda does her class. Some Sundays she will do the week ahead. Homework is every evening.
I would definitely recommend. Just do it for one month, if you don't like then don't renew. :) Hope to see you there


@MBF Wow. Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed response. That is exactly the info I was looking for. Really appreciate it. Is there a way I can message you? Discord or email or something?

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