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do you know what his "buy or sell arrow" in the Squeeze Pro is based off of?
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@BC1106, there can be several types of signals generated, depending on whether the histogram is above/below zero or rising/falling. JC likes to see 5 dots in a squeeze, so the arrows are supposed to mark the 5th dot of the squeeze. If you can count 5 dots in a row then you don't need the signal arrows.
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I am(was) a member of JC's Simpler Trading ( which I see is so complex). I have bought many indicators from him and spent so much time and money. Like someone mentioned in this chat he is selling FOMO and asks all MOFO's (LOL) to pay for these indicators. Then I came across some of the Hedge fund traders through an acquaintance of mine and they barely use any of this stuff. One of the senior traders mentioned that the guys that don't know how to trade usually sell Indicators. I see this site is really amazing for traders where you can get most of the stuff to free. They are doing such a good job of bringing all traders in and bouncing ideas of each other. Kudos to all the guys who started this site. Great Job Guys!!!


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I am in JC option room for 2 months and whatever trade he and others suggested 80% have been successful. I am very eager to take his Squeeze pro class but giving second thoughts after reading here. Recently he gave a pre er trade on Amzn which was mire than double next day. I am using ttm from tos for a while and find it good for 1 hr or more timeframe but he promised the squeeze pro to be good on all timeframes. Need to get more ideas whether I should go for it on not


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Does JC even uses the new Squeeze Pro? Every single chart I’ve seen him go over has the original Squeeze and not the Squeeze Pro. The only times I’ve seen them on his charts are when he’s promoting the indicator.


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I bought everything JC from Simpler Sold and lost a lot of money. Now I don't buy anything from them. He sells indicator after indicator after Indicator. I was introduced to a professional trader recently and he said Guys who don't know how to trade sell only indicators.


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ZScore is a good supporting study for deciding which way sqz is going to fire

Ill look into that Ramesh, Also........ The Schaff Trend indicator, Free on TOS, pairs very well with Squeeze, and even better with Squeeze pro, as a better alternative to the RAF..

I also find the Early-in-out indicator in that pro package worth trying to get on sale at the very least.

In an Anchor chart I recommend using the .382 and .618 levels on the Schaff Trend Indicator for entries on Squeezes, and then, like JC, using the Early-in-out indicator for entry confirmation, and exits.

I then use Projection Oscillator, with Slim Ribbon, above or below ichimoku clouds on a micro chart to help spot bull or bear flags, with Ease of Movement indicator for confirmation. This micro chart is apx 9x smaller time frame than the Anchor chart. For example, 3day anchor, 130 minute micro

I was actually able to use this setup to catch TSLA on a monthly anchor, 3 day micro chart before it broke above the high 300s around Thanksgiving. Too bad I took profits at New Years... At least I got a piece of the Cybertruck rally.

Maybe we can keep adding to this thread to find even more ways to improved the use of squeeze setups. The TMO from here helps confirm entries on anchor charts, so thanks to BenTen and all you contributors for that and other gifts. Hope this helps you all in this wild mkt.


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Found this somewhere. TTM Squeeze painting bars. . Move it to lower imo.

input price = CLOSE;
input length = 20;
input nK = 1.5;
input nBB = 2.0;
input alertLine = 1.0;
def squeezeHistogram = TTM_Squeeze(price, length, nK, nBB, alertLine).Histogram;
plot hist = if squeezeHistogram>= 0 then
if squeezeHistogram> squeezeHistogram[1] then 2 else 1
else if squeezeHistogram < squeezeHistogram[1] then -2 else -1; assignPriceColor(if squeezeHistogram >= 0 then
if squeezeHistogram > squeezeHistogram[1] then color.CYAN else color.BLUE
else if squeezeHistogram < squeezeHistogram[1] then color.RED else color.YELLOW); hist.assignvaluecolor(if squeezeHistogram >= 0 then
if squeezeHistogram > squeezeHistogram[1] then color.CYAN else color.BLUE
else if squeezeHistogram < squeezeHistogram[1] then color.RED else color.YELLOW);


@Ramesh16 Z-Score mountains with clouds. I did overlay the MA that you had. have not added it in, will see if it makes sense.

# Intraday VWAP Zscore

declare lower;

input price = close;
input length = 20;

#calc_zvwap(pds) =>
#    mean = sum(volume*close,pds)/sum(volume,pds)
def mean = Sum(Volume*Close, length)/Sum(Volume, length);
#    vwapsd = sqrt(sma(pow(close-mean, 2), pds) )
def vwapsd = Sqrt(Average(Power(Close-mean, 2), length));
#    (close-mean)/vwapsd
def zScore = (Close-mean)/vwapsd;

plot "0" = if IsNaN(close) then Double.NaN else 0;
plot "1SD" = if IsNaN(close) then Double.NaN else 1;
def "2SD" = if IsNaN(close) then Double.NaN else 2;

def "2.5SD" = if IsNaN(close) then Double.NaN else 2.5;

AddCloud("2SD", "2.5SD", Color.RED, Color.GREEN);

plot "-1SD" = if IsNaN(close) then Double.NaN else -1;
def "-2SD" = if IsNaN(close) then Double.NaN else -2;
def "-2.5SD" = if IsNaN(close) then Double.NaN else -2.5;

AddCloud("-2SD", "-2.5SD", Color.RED, Color.GREEN);
Plot zscorevwap = zscore;
AddCloud(0,  Zscore,  Color.RED,  Color.GREEN);
# End Code


@greentonic The painted bars with the blue bubbles for momentum

DefineGlobalColor(“Long”, Color.GREEN);
DefineGlobalColor(“Short”, Color.RED);
DefineGlobalColor(“Neutral”, Color.YELLOW);

input DMIlength = 14;
input ADXThreshold = 20;
def ADX = DMI(length = DMIlength).”ADX”;
def DIm = DMI(length = DMIlength).”DI-“;
def DIp = DMI(length = DMIlength).”DI+”;
def long = DIp > DIm and ADX > ADXThreshold;
def short = DIm > DIp and ADX > ADXThreshold;
AssignPriceColor(if long then GlobalColor(“Long”) else if short then GlobalColor(“Short”) else GlobalColor(“Neutral”));

input volumeAveragingLength = 20;
input volumePercentThreshold = 50;
input showVolumeStrengthOnYellow = No;
def aVol = Average(volume, volumeAveragingLength);
def pVol = 100 * ((volume – aVol[1]) /aVol[1]);
def pDot = pVol >= volumePercentThreshold;
plot volumeStrength = if pDot and (long or short or showVolumeStrengthOnYellow) then hl2 else Double.NaN;

input enableAlerts = NO;
alert(enableAlerts and long and !long[1], “10x Green Alert”,, sound.ring);
alert(enableAlerts and short and !short[1], “10x Red Alert”,, sound.ring);
alert(enableAlerts and pDot and (long or short or showVolumeStrengthOnYellow), “10x Volume Strength Alert”,, sound.ring);

plot scan = if long then 1 else if short then -1 else 0;


You know, I don't actually know. This is an indicator from one of the forums in here. I want to say 10X bars, painted bars, or Visual DMI? @lowtrade I have like 4 versions of it I was playing with, some with colored bars others for momentum, some with arrows, and some with dots. Here is the link to the study from my archives (where i got it), maybe that will help you find the origin.


Member this link a try, the pro is on the bottom, color is changed for quick identification. notice the difference on the 1 hour chart.

sorry, the top price has Early in and Out, keep the colors as the standard colors and they will match the squeeze colors.
I really like the Madrid Trend When i lose Cyan and Magenta, a big move is coming.

I added a mid line on it. And also the Than Random and watching green to red switch.
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