Ichimoku MTF Indicator for ThinkorSwim?



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Hello All and thank you for this forum.

I have been learning about MTF support/resistance while using ichimoku.

So I like to look at the 4hr chart first and then mark where the T, K, and SpanB lines are. Then I filter through the timeframes starting at 5m and going up to a day. I looking for any line to intersect on different timeframes. For example, if on the 4hr the Tenkan is at 10$ and i filter to the 5m and see that the SpanB line is at the 10$ mark and on the 2 hr the Kijun is on the 10$, The potential of the plots on the original Time Frame match multiple timeframes possible.

The ultimate goal is to find strong support/resistance across multiple time frames to see where the day, swing, and long traders agree on.

My question is it possible to code a scan for multiple time frames to see where the T, K. and SpanB intersect and then also display on the chart what time frame and which line is intersecting with the original timeframe?

hope this makes sense.

Shane J
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