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How to Delete Triggered Alerts in ThinkorSwim


New member
Testing the alert function I notice the Alert Book keeps adding alerts triggered, cancelled to no end. I cannot find a way to delete these no longer active alerts - Searching online returns dozens of instruction how to set alerts but not one how to clean out the alert book. I thought restarting the platform but no such luck. Thanks for reading.


New member
Thanks - I am in that window - it shows "0 active, 0 waiting, 3 triggered, 4 canceled" Yet all seven sit there in that Alert Book table. I can click left right whatever is clickable there is no delete "triggered, inactive, canceled alerts"
How do I get rid of these no longer needed alerts. Similar to cleaning out history on a browser.
After a few weeks it will show hundreds of old alerts?


New member
Sorry, don't understand what you mean - status like in account status is "ok to trade". Can't find no other "status" and not in reference how to reset the alert book to zero. Hard to believe that this is so complicated. Even old style Metatrader4 makes it easy to delete alert history.


@Shaishen Go to Marketwatch > Alerts > Actions and cancel your alerts there.



New member
Thanks Ben - yes, I was aware of that function. It cancels the alert but does not delete the actual line in that table - like history in a browser. In any case ...
...this morning the alert book was clear and empty 👏

I guess it takes 24 hours and the platform automatically resets the alert book history to zero.
Thanks for all the input - one never stops learning.

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