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How to Contact ThinkorSwim? Here's Their Support Phone Number


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ThinkorSwim customer support phone number: 800-672-2098. This is the Options Advanced Support Team for TOS. I guess they are top secret because people call the other numbers and then complain about the lack of help.

These folks will hook up with your computer and work with you to diagnose issues. Just write down the exact problem ahead of time.
For thinkscript questions, many are well versed. If they don't have the answer, they will ask an associate and get it for you.

They helped me get legged out of a an illiquid option monster more than once.

When I asked about a real tough problem, I laughed, they sent me the the URL for StanL's 200 page guide. That guide can be found on a tab in the "Stickied 'Universe of Thinkscript' " on the start page of The Tutorials section. THANKS, @BenTen for keeping it on top!

I find it kind of funny that in the think script lounge the general number handed out is the regular customer service number. Because I do most of my trading on android, I have had to use their assistance to close multi-legged beasts. At this phone number, they can also tunnel into your Android/iOS to take a look at things when something is amiss.
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