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hey guys, first post, and sorry for being completely useless. I have been day trading since Feb 2020, and have had a lot of success, and a lot of stupid trades. I know, it comes with the territory. That being said, I have found something that I want to research further, but have zero idea how to even begin to use thinkscript, which is why I joined this MB. I have noticed that when the StochRSI (both fast and slow) is below 30 (oversold), and the fast (full k) crosses above the slow (Full d), there is generally some upward momentum in the short term, especially when the StochMACD crosses shortly thereafter.

my settings are:
StochRSI -
rsi length - 14
OB - 66
OS - 33
Avg type - wilders
price - close
k =21
d = 7
slowing = 7
avg type = exp

StochMACD -
length - 45
fast - 12
slow - 26
signal - 9
OB/OS - 10/-10
avg type - exp

I have been trying for hours to develop a scan that pinpoints the crossing of the FullK (StochRSI), above the FullD (StochRSI), while they are both in oversold territory, while the StochMACD is less than 2.

I would want to run this on the 5m, 15m and 1D charts, as I see some benefit for narrowing down some swing ideas, but this scanner would primarily be more for daytrading on the 5m and 15m chart.

Not sure what else to say, or ask here, as it is my first post, but I know there is a plethora of knowledge here, and appreciate any insights and help that I can get - I've been reading everything on here since December of last year, so I know that this is a great community.

Thank you in advance for the help, and suggestions!

I know this is probably the most simple scan to create, but I cannot figure it out.


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The parameters that I am trying to encorporate, based on the above inputs are:

1. Full K crosses above Full D, and the cross happens below 33.

2. Both the StochMACD, AND the signal line, at the time of the cross, are increasing.

3. Momentum is also increasing (12 period, close).


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