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Help plotting candle colors as lower studies



The CSA study by Diazlaz got me thinking about making a combined candle coloring indicator as a lower study. I would like to have Raghee Horner's grab candles, the slim ribbon study, ideally Diazlaz's CSA study, the CCI_ATR study done for Blake Mathis, the Ten X Bars study, Heiken Ashi supertrend, etc. Ideally it would look like several rows of thick lines that change color to match the candle coloring studies. When most or all are green, it would be a strong buy signal. I know this is similar to Diazlaz's study, but it gives me more control over how I use the information.

Would anyone like to help make this, as I can't code. Here's as far as I got for Raghee's grab candles...
# 3 color GRaB candles for ThinkorSwim
# Copyright 2014 Simpler Options
# Modified for 6 Color Light/Hollow and Solid/Dark Green, Red and Blue Colored Candles for ThinkorSwim by Robert Kling

declare lower;

def ema1 = ExpAverage (high, 34);
def ema2 = ExpAverage (close, 34);
def ema3 = ExpAverage (low, 34);

AssignValueColor(if close > ema1 and open < close then Color.GREEN
  else if close > ema1 and open >= close then Color.DARK_GREEN
  else if close < ema3 and open < close then Color.RED
  else if close < ema3 and open >= close then Color.DARK_RED
  else if open < close then Color.CYAN
  else if open >= close then Color.BLUE
  else Color.BLUE);

plot GRAB = ????????????

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