Extended Hours/After Hours Percent Change?


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I found one thread that was related to this topic, but both of the 2 scripts don't function in a way that displays percentage change... The first script in the thread just displays zeros for me and the other displays value change not %. I was wondering if there was a way to code it in a way that would make it look just like %change and Mark%change built in columns, but displays the difference in percentage therefore showing aftermarket % change this way? I was just thinking maybe it could be simpler than people were making it out to be. Maybe not.


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This is what i've come up with so far after editing what i found in that post. I go the column to look how i wanted appearance wise, but i'm for some reason getting all zeros in the data fields.
#Hint: Displays After Hours & Pre Market change as a  percentage in custom column.

#07/20/12: Initital Release
#08/13/12: Fixed to include pre-market and extended session
#01/29/19: theelderwand: Fixed for latest version.

#"Show Extended Session" should be active on your chart

def Post = secondsFromTime(1600);
def Pre = secondsTillTime(930);
def Closed  = Post >=0 or Pre>=0;
def DayClose = if (Post>=0,close(period = "Day"),close(period = "Day")[1]);

def Percent = round(((close - DayClose)/DayClose)*100);
plot change = percent;

Change.AssignValueColor (if Change < 0 then Color.LIGHT_RED else if Change > 0 then Color.LIGHT_GREEN else color.current);
#Make sure your column is set to Day aggregation

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