Extend ZigZag Highs and Lows indefinitely in ThinkorSwim?



@J007RMC Do you have any scripts for a scan that would show a high/low daily candle?


@tomsk Would you be able to make a scan for this script? Looking for highs/lows on daily scans.
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@kshires4 I'm sorry I am not a coder.
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Greatly appreciate your setting this up. I'm finding the indicator very useful in conjunction with the TMO.
I was able to resolve the error issue.
What was the error fix? Im getting an error as well with this scan


Anyone have a scan for the following indicator:

# Swing High and Swing Low
# tomsk
# 11.18.2019
# As requested by chillc15 I have modified [USER=1174]@RobertPayne[/USER] code to include SwingHigh
# points which are now plotted in CYAN with the swing high points painted in PINK.
# So now you have both swing high and low on your charts
#  +------------------------------------------------------------+
# | Example: How to extend levels to the right of the chart |
# | Robert Payne |
# | https://funwiththinkscript.com |
#  +------------------------------------------------------------+
# define swing low points
input length = 10;
def bn = BarNumber();
def lastBar = HighestAll(if IsNaN(close) then 0 else bn);
def offset = Min(length - 1, lastBar - bn);
def swingLow = low < Lowest(low[1], length - 1) and low == GetValue(Lowest(low, length), -offset);
# identify the very last swing low point
def lowPointOneBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow then bn else 0);
def lowPointOneValue = if bn == lowPointOneBarNumber then low else lowPointOneValue[1];
plot low1 = if bn < lowPointOneBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointOneValue;
# identify the 2nd to last swing low point
def lowPointTwoBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow and bn < lowPointOneBarNumber then bn else 0);
def lowPointTwoValue = if bn == lowPointTwoBarNumber then low else lowPointTwoValue[1];
plot low2 = if bn < lowPointTwoBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointTwoValue;
# just keep doing ths for as many lines as you want to add to the chart
# identify then 3rd to last swingHigh point low
def lowPointThreeBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow and bn < lowPointTwoBarNumber then bn else 0);
def lowPointThreeValue = if bn == lowPointThreeBarNumber then low else lowPointThreeValue[1];
plot low3 = if bn < lowPointThreeBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointThreeValue;
# identify then 4th to last swingHigh point low
def lowPointFourBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow and bn < lowPointThreeBarNumber then bn else 0);
def lowPointFourValue = if bn == lowPointFourBarNumber then low else lowPointFourValue[1];
plot low4 = if bn < lowPointFourBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointFourValue;
# identify then 5th to last swingHigh point low
def lowPointFiveBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow and bn < lowPointFourBarNumber then bn else 0);
def lowPointFiveValue = if bn == lowPointFiveBarNumber then low else lowPointFiveValue[1];
plot low5 = if bn < lowPointFiveBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointFiveValue;
# identify then 6th to last swingHigh point low
def lowPointSixBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow and bn < lowPointFiveBarNumber then bn else 0);
def lowPointSixValue = if bn == lowPointSixBarNumber then low else lowPointSixValue[1];
plot low6 = if bn < lowPointSixBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointSixValue;
# identify then 7th to last swingHigh point low
def lowPointSevenBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow and bn < lowPointSixBarNumber then bn else 0);
def lowPointSevenValue = if bn == lowPointSevenBarNumber then low else lowPointSevenValue[1];
plot low7 = if bn < lowPointSevenBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointSevenValue;
# identify then 8th to last swingHigh point low
def lowPointEightBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow and bn < lowPointSevenBarNumber then bn else 0);
def lowPointEightValue = if bn == lowPointEightBarNumber then low else lowPointEightValue[1];
plot low8 = if bn < lowPointEightBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointEightValue;
# identify then 9th to last swingHigh point low
def lowPointNineBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow and bn < lowPointEightBarNumber then bn else 0);
def lowPointNineValue = if bn == lowPointNineBarNumber then low else lowPointNineValue[1];
plot low9 = if bn < lowPointNineBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointNineValue;
# identify then 10th to last swingHigh point low
def lowPointTenBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingLow and bn < lowPointNineBarNumber then bn else 0);
def lowPointTenValue = if bn == lowPointTenBarNumber then low else lowPointTenValue[1];
plot low10 = if bn < lowPointTenBarNumber then Double.NaN else lowPointTenValue;

# define swing high points
def swingHigh = high > Highest(high[1], length - 1) and high == GetValue(Highest(high, length), -offset);
# identify the very last swing high point
def highPointOneBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh then bn else 0);
def highPointOneValue = if bn == highPointOneBarNumber then high else highPointOneValue[1];
plot high1 = if bn < highPointOneBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointOneValue;
# identify the 2nd to last swing high point
def highPointTwoBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh and bn < highPointOneBarNumber then bn else 0);
def highPointTwoValue = if bn == highPointTwoBarNumber then high else highPointTwoValue[1];
plot high2 = if bn < highPointTwoBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointTwoValue;
# just keep doing ths for as many lines as you want to add to the chart
def highPointThreeBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh and bn < highPointTwoBarNumber then bn else 0);
def highPointThreeValue = if bn == highPointThreeBarNumber then high else highPointThreeValue[1];
plot high3 = if bn < highPointThreeBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointThreeValue;
def highPointFourBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh and bn < highPointThreeBarNumber then bn else 0);
def highPointFourValue = if bn == highPointFourBarNumber then high else highPointFourValue[1];
plot high4 = if bn < highPointFourBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointFourValue;
def highPointFiveBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh and bn < highPointFourBarNumber then bn else 0);
def highPointFiveValue = if bn == highPointFiveBarNumber then high else highPointFiveValue[1];
plot high5 = if bn < highPointFiveBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointFiveValue;
def highPointSixBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh and bn < highPointFiveBarNumber then bn else 0);
def highPointSixValue = if bn == highPointSixBarNumber then high else highPointSixValue[1];
plot high6 = if bn < highPointsixBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointsixValue;
def highPointSevenBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh and bn < highPointSixBarNumber then bn else 0);
def highPointSevenValue = if bn == highPointSevenBarNumber then high else highPointSevenValue[1];
plot high7 = if bn < highPointSevenBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointSevenValue;
def highPointEightBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh and bn < highPointSevenBarNumber then bn else 0);
def highPointEightValue = if bn == highPointEightBarNumber then high else highPointEightValue[1];
plot high8 = if bn < highPointEightBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointEightValue;
def highPointNineBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh and bn < highPointEightBarNumber then bn else 0);
def highPointNineValue = if bn == highPointNineBarNumber then high else highPointNineValue[1];
plot high9 = if bn < highPointNineBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointNineValue;
def highPointTenBarNumber = HighestAll(if swingHigh and bn < highPointNineBarNumber then bn else 0);
def highPointTenValue = if bn == highPointTenBarNumber then high else highPointTenValue[1];
plot high10 = if bn < highPointTenBarNumber then Double.NaN else highPointTenValue;

# change candle colors just to make it easier to see what we are working with
AssignPriceColor(if swingLow then Color.cyan else if swingHigh then Color.mageNTA else Color.current);
# End Swing High and Swing Low
The scan would be when it is a swing low.
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Wouldn't that be great. Scan for the Swing low as it happens, and buy, then make infinite money.