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ESDBands into Watchlist with Colored Column


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Hi, I need a watchlist indicator based on the ESDBands study that can do the following:

1. Change the watchlist column's background color when price crosses over the bands.
2. I would like to see how far away the price is from the moving average, similar to % change with colored values, at the same time

So basically, I want to see the distance from the MA as a colored value (i.e. Green when Price > MA and Red when Price < MA) in the default background color (i.e. Black), and whenever the price crosses above or below the ESD Bands, the background color would change to something more noticeable like Yellow.

Can anyone make this for me?


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@joekim1 Per your specifications, this is a watchlist for @horserider's Standard Deviation Bands Enhanced for ThinkorSwim which would have been a better place to put your request.

close>ma color.green
close<ma color.red
close above or below Enhanced Standard Deviation Bands color.yellow


Here is the link to the shared watchlist code: http://tos.mx/bQqIcoN

Before you ask for additional modifications, you should know that it is customary to make your own attempt at creating what you want and then come here and ask for help w/ any problems you are having. If you google TOS watchlists, you will find hundreds of videos on how to make a study into a watchlist.
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