ES indicator alert?


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I use the zigZagSign indicator on TOS to look at ES futures rotations. I want to make an alert that tells me when the zigZagSign indicator is greater than 20 in either direction (positive or negative). My strategy is in scales. I can safely spread out my orders and not look at the chart much in low volatility environment and rarely get squeezed, but in high volatility like right now, the rips can be too big and I like to focus on 20+ handle moves, but I want an alert so I don't have to check the chart every 5 mins as my schedule doesn't allow it.

Picture below shows the rotations chart setup I use. It is a 10 tick range chart, and the ZigZagSign is set at 4 handles. But again, I want an alert when it is higher than 20 handles in either direction (Green arrow on the picture). I tried to use the Thinkscript wizard but it did not have the zigzagSign indicator in there. How could I code this, any help?

Here's a link to the picture since the forum wont let me post it for some reason.

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