Dynamic watchlist not populating with results


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Hi, I have a dynamic watchlist that is not producing results for Futures.
My dynamic watchlist has the following conditions:
  • 1,000 or greater in volume
  • 4 consecutive green candles in the 15 minute timeframe
  • Higher highs
  • Higher lows
  • Only show results for the follow Futures tickers:
    • /CL:XNYM
    • /ES:XCME
    • /NQ:XCME
    • /SI:XCEC
    • /UB:XCBT
    • /ZS:XCBT
Please know there is no price range set due to the complex nature of Futures.

def greenBars;
def higherHighsLows;

if (GetSymbol() == "/CL:XNYM" or
    GetSymbol() == "/ES:XCME" or
    GetSymbol() == "/NQ:XCME" or
    GetSymbol() == "/SI:XCEC" or
    GetSymbol() == "/UB:XCBT" or
    GetSymbol() == "/ZS:XCBT") then {

      greenBars = sum(close > open, 4) >= 4;
      higherHighsLows =
        high[0] > open[1] and
        low[0] > low[1] and
        high[1] > high[2] and
        low[1] > low[2] and
        high[2] > high[3] and
        low[2] > low[3];
    } else {
      greenBars = 0;
      higherHighsLows = 0;

plot scan = greenBars and higherHighsLows;

What I have done was applied the code shown above, without the GetSymbol() functions, to the Stock Hacker Scanner. Next I run a scan to search for Futures with 4 consecutive green candles, higher highs, and higher lows. For example, /UBZ20 appeared on the Stock Hacker Scanner as a result. I then quickly referred to the Futures dxfeed ticker for the /UB and appended the following to my dynamic watchlist:
if (GetSymbol() == "/UB:XCBT"
Even after appending this function to my dynamic watchlist, the Futures ticker /UB did not populate on my dynamic watchlist even though it appears, and continued to reappear on the Stock Hacker Scanner after pressing the Scan button multiple times.

To confirm that /UB met the condition of my code, I added my code to a custom chart study, and it has been confirmed that /UB met the condition of my code because the custom study returned a value of 1.


Please know I have tested this very code with Stocks, using the GetSymbol() function with only TSLA, ZM, AAPL and it works as expected; just not for Futures. I have also added alerts for changes to the dynamic watchlist and received none.

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