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Watchlist for January 29th, 2021

Hello Master Steve,
I found your overall work with FlowAlgo interesting. You all did a lot of that long before I got here and some of the things like Put to Call indicators seem dead now...

That is okay. But I am curious what is the ELI5 explain like I am five version of this?
You see sizes of options orders and you can estimate if those are bought and sold as a hedge or investment. You can see open interest although if those are ridiculously low offers that does not guarantee liquidity for you.
Lastly you can see the spread between the bid and ask.

What is your philosophy my friend???
I have had a lot of success ~90% wins doubling multiple options accounts but I just have an overall feel for Oil, DXY, 10-year bond and Momentum... I have a lot of SPY calls but I also did quite well on vaccine Puts at low volume blowoff tops...

I am also working on becoming more scientific.

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