Customizable High and Low Study?




I have a really good mental image of what I would like to do, but stuck. Here is what I am looking for, in a nutshell:
  • Inputs for Length and Aggregation Period, so I could select ’10 Days’ or ’30 Minutes’ or whatever
  • Study would then:
    • Calculate the HighestHigh over the above timeframe, using the inputs
    • Look intraday for a new high that is greater than the Highest High
    • If true, paint a bubble at the candle where the new high occurred
    • No need to repaint, just a bubble where it first occurred
  • Create a label to look something like this:
    • { New [Len_Agg] High: $12.34 }
    • If a new high had not been made, label would say ‘New High: No’
I’d then do the exact same thing for ‘Low’, using a second label.

I know this is possible, but I am stuck!
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