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Custom Watchlists in Mobile


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Hi, I hope everyone is doing well at this time.

I am currently attempting to port the majority of my trading system to a mobile one as I have found I will most likely be returning to work full time in the next month. Although it's been a lot of work, a majority of my system is possible with a few tweaks on mobile charts.

Unfortunately, I am having significant trouble porting customized watchlist columns into the mobile application. Either the code isn't updating or the column does not work whatsoever on mobile.

For example, I like to trade options on equities near their tops or bottoms of the past year. As a few threads have suggested, when the setup is correct, these stocks tend to shoot for the moon or dive to the depths of hell. In the PC version of TOS, I use the following code to help me identify if the stocks I have are close to either state and what the gain or loss percent change is required to reach aforementioned criteria:

Rich (BB code):
def NewHiGain = (( Highest(high,252) / close) - 1 ) * 100;
def NewLoLoss = -(1 - (Lowest(low,252) / close)) * 100;
addLabel(yes, (if absValue(NewHiGain) < absValue(NewLoLoss) then "+" + Round(NewHiGain,1) else ""+Round(NewLoLoss,1) ) + "%",
if absValue(NewHiGain) < absValue(NewLoLoss) then color.DARK_GREEN else color.DARK_RED);

In the desktop version, this code works efficiently (to my knowledge) and outputs the following, as seen in the rightmost column:


In mobile, I know they do not support coloring in the watchlist columns. However, on mobile, the column is completely blank.

For comparison, I have also used @Townsend's watchlist column, which shows on mobile without a hitch. Code below

Rich (BB code):
plot pop = Round("number" = ((ask + bid) / 2 -close[1]) / close[1] * 100, "numberOfDigits" = 1);
pop.assignvalueColor(if pop >0 then color.green else color.red);

This shows up perfectly on mobile (obviously without colors) but I don't know what limitations are on watchlist columns in mobile and haven't been able to find any help on the internet.

Please let me know if you have any ideas as to why my code is not working or point me into a direction where I can continue my search. I would be immensely grateful.

Related: Does anyone know how to update the custom columns on mobile? Is it like the indicators where you have to remove and replace them?


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@BenTen Thanks for your reply. Fortunately, I was able to experiment and I've determined it actually is possible, I just needed to tweak how code was written for plots vs labels and it has solved the problem

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