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Custom Buy Order, Is that possible ?


New member
Hello community,
Hope you are doing well (y)(y)

I am giving up on something and need your help to advise on a custom BUY order setup.
I wish to automatize my trades and help me with a safer exit strategy.

Once I am on a chart, I would like to Right click -> Buy Custom -> and select a buy order that does the following (numbers are random and will be adjusted later):

  1. Buy $1000 value of this stock at Market Price.
  2. Set a Sell Limit of 75% of my shares at +5% of my average price.
  3. Set a Sell Limit of the remaining 25% of my shares at +10% of my average price.
  4. Set a Trailing Stop of 100% shares if price goes -2% of Market Price.

Then ideally, I could drag the prices on the charts if needed.

I tried to create a Template in the Trade/Advanced order area but without success so far. It always fail and never do what I want.

Thank you very much and be safe :)

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