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Folks Any thoughts on what Lux Algo oscillator could be based on. Here is a screen shot.



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From LuxAlgo - Have to purchase it.

The Lux Oscillator is inspired by stochastics and market balance. The oscillator is a responsive ribbon which at times provides earlier signals compared to a normal stochastic . When the oscillator crosses over to become blue this is a bullish signal and when the oscillator crosses over to become red this is a bearish signal. It also is great for spotting divergences. This can give the user opportunities to enter earlier into positions.

Lux Oscillator works great in confluence with our other script Lux Algo V2. It works on most markets especially crypto & forex. It also excels in ranging markets and can be used on any timeframe.

The source code of this study is protected and the author decides who can use it. You can add it to your favorites but you'll only be able to use it after the author grants permission. Contact LuxAlgo for more information.

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So I got my hands on lux algo, and I knew that the buy and sell signals are coming for the oscillators, I played around until I found the exact numbers that they’re using.

Here a pic


And here is a pic for the settings.


Now I’m trying to figure out the settings for the two clouds.
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Hi guys, I try to replicate the Lux indicator for quite a long time now, and abt to quit, but reading these posts is motivating. So I guess I should register to the forum and share what I found

The Reversal Zone most likely comes from the Adaptive Price Zone Indicator
you can check it out on TV:
with these settings NPeriods = 500, NBandPct = 5 (still little inaccurate lol)
after that, the outside bands come from the Average True Range (type = EMA, period = 20)

The EQ cloud is actually the middle line of the Adaptive Price Zone Indicator, one line is the current value, and the other is offset 30 bars

For comparison: Spy 5min chart (the first one is what I come up with so far)
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