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I am always looking for an edge on my trading and saw these indicators on the

Better Sine Wave analyses Price cycles and trends. This is an improved version of John Ehlers’ Hilbert Sine Wave. It plots cycle entry points when the market is in a trading range. Then when the market breaks into a trend move, the indicator signals early entry and holds a position right to the end of the trend

Better Momentum analyses buying and selling Volume. The classic momentum indicator calculates changes in price. This improved momentum indicator is based on changes in buying and selling volume. Declining buying volume always precedes a market top and vice versa for market bottoms. The Better Momentum indicator pinpoints these turning points and plots bullish/bearish signals.

Better Pro Am analyses Average Trade Size. The last part of the puzzle is knowing what the Professionals and Amateurs are doing. You want to follow the Professionals and “fade” (do the opposite of) the Amateurs. The blue and yellow PaintBars show when the Professionals and Amateurs are active. The volume patterns (No Demand, Profit Taking, RAMBO) tell you what they’re doing.

Looks like it only works with Tradestation. Would it be possible to do something similar on TOS? Right now I am using blackmathis tick charts which my hat is off to him and who contributed to that thread!

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