Convert Tos Keltner channels to NinjaTrader8 Keltner channels


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The Keltner channels don't match up exactly between the two platforms.

I am utterly inexperienced at ThinkScript and would be willing to pay someone who could help me.
Someone would have to have some knowledge both of NinjaScript and ThinkScript.

Here, is where I left off with some free advice from a kind ThinkScript guy on this problem, if someone else would like to tackle this with me.

"My first guess at where the discrepancies lie between TOS and Ninja Keltner channels is in how they calculate the Avg True Range. Typically in TOS, ATR is calculated with a period of 14 and an avg type of "WILDERS" (you can verify this by adding the ATR study to your chart and looking at the settings). But in TOS's Keltner implementation, it looks like the default ATR length is 20 and the ATR Avg Type is set to "SIMPLE". So perhaps in Ninja, they're using a 14 period WILDERS average for the ATR (even if they're using a 20 period simple avg for the middle line), and in TOS it's using a 20 period SIMPLE avg for both the ATR and the middle line. I don't currently work in Ninjascript so I can't help you, and I don't know much about this study in general, but that's just a quick idea that you might check out ... I don't see any other obvious reasons why it shouldn't match up."

Any help would be appreciated.

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