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@BenTen Does anyone have a custom script for TOS Volume Profile that chages the profile color to red/green to show buying and selling vs the single color that it currently uses. TradingView has their volume profile color coded see image below, wondering if this is possible in ThinkorSwim.


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@tu3m Please explain how red is always larger than the green yet the price goes up. Could it be buying(green) total volume(red) ?
thats based on the levels that's been set in the volume profile setting, you can adjust how far back it should calculate in that particular picture the setting was 100 levels, not entire chart that you see.


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is there any script study or code to modify the volume profile colors in thinkorswim : to change the bars to green and red (buy volume green sell volume red) such as:

i realy need this ,, thanx


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This request has been raised here before but to my knowledge, there is no such script avaliable yet.
I am interested in this as well.


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Please explain how sell volume- red- can always be higher than buy volume-green- and yet the stock goes up?
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I believe (or hope) that the red and green bars are not layered but stacked "on top of" one another, albeit horizontally. Not the most intuitive visualization to say the least.


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Just my guess if written like some of the volume studies, red would be total volume and green buy volume. So sell volume would be the difference. But really that is just a wild guess. MotaB if using it you should want to know. Ask whoever wrote it.


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I would be interested in this also!
If you look at the solid green horizontal bars on the right at the very top and very bottom price, around 385 and 515, and trace that price level to the left you see that price point only has green bars in the chart. Also around the 485 price point there are two solid green horizontal bars, if you follow that price all the way to the left you see there are only green bars or wicks.
I'm pretty sure the length of the horizontal bar is the total volume at that price point, the colors indicate what volume is selling and which is buying at that price, unlike volume indicators at the bottom which only indicate volume at that time slice, but not at which price point.

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I noticed on tradingview the volume profile is in two colors and it shows buyers and sellers. I'm new to thinkscript and would like to learn how to make a similar indicator on tos. Unlike the volume profile already provided with tos.

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