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Earlier there was mention of Connors RSI(2) Strategy

There are 4 steps to the strategy.
Get it Here (Also an excellent resource for Technical Analysis:)

A chart will be coming when I get my fried CPU back from repair.
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@markos I showed the buys and sells in the other thread on Ultimate RSI. You could copy those here if you wish. Edit them if you think it is necessary. Definitely short term trading to stack very small profits up. You will be in and out most likely for a profit but will miss any long trend. I think it is only practical for an auto trading system.


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@horserider I would tend to agree with you about the practicality. I don't use it but others might. If not careful, one could blow up an account quick.

I created this thread because it was mentioned elsewhere and we, as a group, need to try and not deviate within a thread as I have done in the past. Then good ideas can get lost.
My CPU is fried, my only ToS is on mobile. I won't have my laptop back from repair for 1-2 weeks. :cry:

Please feel free and post your Connors RSI(2) here when you can.
If you do, please post it according to the rules laid out above, for the purists. ;)


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I downloaded the ConnorRSI for the charts.
How can I convert it to use it in the Scan setting?


@markos and @horserider

Do you guys have any idea how I could use the connor RSI into a scan. Here is the script if you don't have it:
# ConnorsRSI Indicator
declare lower;
input Price_RSI_Period = 3;
input Streak_RSI_Period = 2;
input Rank_Lookback = 100;
# Component 1: the RSI of closing price
def priceRSI = reference RSI("price" = close, "length" = Price_RSI_Period);
# Component 2: the RSI of the streak
def upDay = if close > close[1] then 1 else 0;
def downDay = if close < close[1] then -1 else 0;
def upStreak = if upDay != 0 then upStreak[1] + upDay else 0;
def downStreak = if downDay != 0 then downStreak[1] + downDay else 0;
def streak = upStreak + downStreak;
def streakRSI = reference RSI("price" = streak, "length" = Streak_RSI_Period);
# Component 3: The percent rank of the current return
def ROC1 = close / close[1] - 1;
def rank = fold i = 1 to Rank_Lookback + 1 with r = 0 do
r + (GetValue(ROC1, i, Rank_Lookback) < ROC1) ;
def pctRank = (rank / Rank_Lookback) * 100 ;
# The final ConnorsRSI calculation, combining the three components
plot ConnorsRSI = (priceRSI + streakRSI + pctRank) / 3;

When I try to use the condition wizard I get "error script execution timeout"

The scan would be for an RSI lower than 5