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For those interested, here is a Choppiness Indicator that Mobius posted several years ago.
This would be helpful for those who'd like another measure of defining trend, chop, etc

# Choppiness Indicator
# Mobius
# V001.03.2012

#Hint: The Market is considered TRENDING when the index is below 38.2 \n The Market is considered CHOPPY when the index is above 61.8. \n A move above the 38.2 Level indicates a possible end to a trend and a move below 61.8 indicates a possible breakout from a period of consolidation.

declare lower;
input Length   = 14;
input Signal   =  3;
input Choppy   = 62;
input MidLine  = 50;
input Trending = 38;
input CIx = {default CIB, CIA};
   def CIA = 100 * log( Sum( TrueRange(high, close, low), Length))
             / ( Highest(close[1], Length) - Lowest(close[1], Length))
             / log(Length);
   def CIB = ((log(Sum(TrueRange(high, close, low), Length) /
             (Highest(if high >= close[1] then high else
             close[1], Length) -
             Lowest( if low <= close[1] then low else close[1], Length)))
             / log(10)) / (log(Length)/log(10))) * 100;
  plot CI = if CIx == CIx.CIB then CIB else CIA;
       CI.SetDefaultColor( Color.White);
  plot CIavg = average(CI, Signal);;
  plot Chop = Choppy;
  plot Mid = MidLine;
  plot Trend = Trending;
AddLabel(yes, if CI > MidLine then "CHOPPY " else "TRENDING ", if CI < Trend then Color.Green else if CI > Trend and CI < MidLine then Color.Light_Green else if CI > MidLine and CI < Chop then Color.Yellow else Color.Red);
Addcloud(Mid, Chop, Color.Green, Color.Yellow);
Addcloud(Trend, Mid, Color.Yellow, Color.Light_Green);

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