Best swing entry orders outside market hours?


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The lifestyle I want doesn't include being available at market close every day and preferably not at the open either. I've been considering options for how to enter swings. It looks like stocks gap up more often than no gap or gapping down after candles I would use as a trigger, which is what I expected. So, in theory, entering the trade late in the session, once it's very likely to still be a valid trigger at close, seems like it would be optimal. That's very inconvenient for me.

If I want to enter orders over night to fill at the open, what strategies is anyone using for that? Market orders will obviously get me in without missing gap-and-goes but those entries are going to be pretty bad. My first thought was a limit order to buy at the closing price or just above but often we don't get a complete gap fill. My next thought was 2 limit orders, one to buy half at the high and the other half near the close so I'd be more likely to get at least half my size instead of missing the trade entirely.

Or am I overthinking this and market orders not missing any trades likely makes up for less than ideal entry prices?

Also, I'm currently trading equities but I'll be transitioning into options in the future. Is the "best" answer the same for both?
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