Average Actual Price label showing as a black box?


CSA, Hammond B3, and stop target are displaying correctly but the Average Actual Price is just a black box. Could this be from a lack of memory?



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since you didn't circle or point to what you are looking at and you have a blackbackground its difficult to tell what you are referring to in the screenshot.


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It's not from a lack of memory. Nothing you'll see on your charts is from a lack of memory. If there's a lack of memory, TOS will pop up a message and ask you if it can increase its memory limit.

When you have labels that just draw black I'm pretty sure it's because some data it relies on wasn't available. I've rarely seen it happen and it was never a priority to dig into it at that moment so I never nailed down a root cause.

I suspect it's one of a few things. Labels dispaly "N/A" when values to be shown are Double.NaN so that's not the issue. Maybe the color of the label is based on a condition for which is can't get a value. If you put a SimpleMovingAvg with a length of 200 on a daily chart for PLTR it doesn't plot because there aren't 200 trading days of data. This black label thing may be similar to that.

Whatever the case, it's not a memory issue. I believe it's a data issue and that it can probably be worked around in code once you determine the root cause.
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