Ameritrade API in C# Access


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Hello I am trying to connect to the ameritrade API using C# . I cannot get it to auth and was hoping someone here has done this before and may be able to guide me if possible. I have an app created and I have my Key. I cant even get the auth to work on their auth test page. I have found a couple of projects on github, but I have not been able to configure those to work either. Thanks for any advise.
Couple of screen shots.


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Hello, I hope I can ask this here. I am attempting to create an app that connects to the developer api. I have created an app and it was approved. I have the API key, but when I attempt to test authentication via the test auth page at /authentication/apis/post/token-0 I get errors. The instructions at are not working for me either. Below are the values I am entering on the test auth page. Any advice or hints would be greatly appreciated.

grant_type = authorization_code
refresh_token == NULL or blank
access_type == Online
code = NULL or blank
client_id = [email protected]
redirect_uri = https://localhost
Has anyone come up with a way to retrieve the complete charts data (including any studies loaded on the chart) from the ThinkorSwim in real-time? The goal is to be able to process the data again and generate signals using another scripting language (such as bash or python or powershell etc.) to overcome the limitations of the thinkscript.

TDAmeritrade does have an API, but it lacks in studies, range charts, tick charts, etc and also doesn't offer all time-frames supported by Thinkorswim.

I saw TOS databridge repo in github, but that also doesn't seem to support downloading the data from the currently loaded charts from what I understood.
you can call TD and have them assist you to see if that is possible, from my understanding TD's tick chart is not really "true tick" from the way they receive their data from their data provider.

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