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Advice for: how to best/better reuse code chunks , volume percentage


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As an old programmer, I'm starting to accumulate a lot of code chunks and just need some advice on how to more efficiently organize it for reuse with ToS.

Sample Scan Image
This is a sample scan I might use for a short Rubber Band entry, looking for price direction to move against the 50SMA briefly and looking for Stochastic K hooks as a filter. This would check a 3 minute timeframe, and a 10 minute to confirm the same signals. I might have the exact same scan with a 5:15 and 10:30 then I might have those 3 all with long entry entries so that is 6 scans for rubber band and I could have 5 setups so I wind up re-using a ton of code.

Is there a way to save my raw code in a more usable verbage and reuse code more efficiently? Kind of like on a watchlist I have custom columns that say "trend" and I have it coded to say Up or Down with color. Can I get a "Trend with a dropdown saying "Up" or "Down".

Should I be saving simpler scans like checking the "%D stochastic" with just 2 parameters as a scan and then utilize the "Intersect with" feature or is there a better way to check multiple time frames?

I've seen seasoned programmers here that I hope to get some "life hacks" they might have come up with.

A lot of people use ATR to filter stocks that that may not not be profitable. I use an Average True Range Percent (ATRP) ((ATR("length" = 10 / Close) * 100) so that it filters in relation to relation to the price for obvious reasons. I want to do the same with volume. I often use an arbitrary "500,000" or "1 Million" but for something like /ES versus AYTU, that would do be no good. I've tried to find the equivilent for volume but I'm afraid I'm not using the correct terminology.

Thanks very much!

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