5EMA VWAP cross indicator label



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Hi guys, one of my long strategies is to look for the 5EMA to reclaim/cross the VWAP to the upside on the 5min chart and was wondering if anyone could code an indicator for this. Preferably, when the cross happens, a label lights up in a strong color and when there is no cross happening, it stays in a grey color.

Can this be done?


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@zeek See if this works. You can turn off the plots if confirm it is working.

# 5 EMA and VWAP cross. Modified 2 ToS studies and added labels for crosses. By Horserider 7/21/2019

# TD Ameritrade IP Company, Inc. (c) 2011-2019

input timeFrame = {default DAY, WEEK, MONTH};

def cap = getAggregationPeriod();
def errorInAggregation =
    timeFrame == timeFrame.DAY and cap >= AggregationPeriod.WEEK or
    timeFrame == timeFrame.WEEK and cap >= AggregationPeriod.MONTH;
assert(!errorInAggregation, "timeFrame should be not less than current chart aggregation period");

def yyyyMmDd = getYyyyMmDd();
def periodIndx;
switch (timeFrame) {
case DAY:
    periodIndx = yyyyMmDd;
case WEEK:
    periodIndx = Floor((daysFromDate(first(yyyyMmDd)) + getDayOfWeek(first(yyyyMmDd))) / 7);
case MONTH:
    periodIndx = roundDown(yyyyMmDd / 100, 0);
def isPeriodRolled = compoundValue(1, periodIndx != periodIndx[1], yes);

def volumeSum;
def volumeVwapSum;
def volumeVwap2Sum;

if (isPeriodRolled) {
    volumeSum = volume;
    volumeVwapSum = volume * vwap;
    volumeVwap2Sum = volume * Sqr(vwap);
} else {
    volumeSum = compoundValue(1, volumeSum[1] + volume, volume);
    volumeVwapSum = compoundValue(1, volumeVwapSum[1] + volume * vwap, volume * vwap);
    volumeVwap2Sum = compoundValue(1, volumeVwap2Sum[1] + volume * Sqr(vwap), volume * Sqr(vwap));
def price = volumeVwapSum / volumeSum;

plot VWAP = price;

# TD Ameritrade IP Company, Inc. (c) 2017-2019

input price2 = close;
input length = 5;
input displace = 0;

plot AvgExp = ExpAverage(price2[-displace], length);

AddLabel(yes, "Buy ", if avgexp > vwap then Color.GREEN else color.GRAY);

AddLabel(yes, "Sell", if avgexp < vwap then Color.RED else color.GRAY);


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@horserider you are a valuable help on this site. I appreciate the work you do. Thanks! Markos 🙏